3 Core Areas to Grow and Scale Your Business

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Sometimes thinking about how to grow your business can be overwhelming. So in this video we wanted to strip away a lot of the complexity and instead give you the 3 core things on which you need to focus in order to grow at scale!

Remember, just being busy doesn't always result in success. Focus on these foundations and put your energies where they'll produce the most results! 

Pro Tip

Work on improving the basic four phases of the sales cycle: the awareness phase, the consideration phase, the conversion phase and the retargeting phase.

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All right, this one is gonna be really short and sweet because when you boil it all down, in order to grow your business this year, really you only need to focus on three basic things: getting in front of more people, converting opportunities into sales, and continual personal growth.

Hi, I'm Melissa Taylor with RodgerandMelissa.com, and today we are going to briefly break down those three focal points in order for you to grow your business and scale to the next level. Let's jump right in.

Now it seems really obvious, but the number one focal point is to continually get in front of more people. Pretty straightforward, but how? The best way to achieve this is to stop working with a one-on-one marketing model. You should consider adapting an educational and authority-based model for marketing. This could include speaking, webinars, group lunches and outings, any number of things where you are able to share your message with more than one person at a time.

Next, you need to have a high conversion rate. So you should think about your niche market 'cause the narrower you can define it, and the more you can standardize and target your message and signature systems, the better. This will result in not only leveraging your time but also increasing your conversion rates. You need to spend some time and effort improving your systems and your sales machine.

Work on improving the basic four phases of the sales cycle: the awareness phase, the consideration phase, the conversion phase and the retargeting phase. Design your automations, your strategies and your closing techniques based on that. Find what is working right now, repeat it and enhance it.

The final focus should be on you, you got it, you. Never neglect your continual personal growth and development. If you spend a lot of time in your car, that's perfect! I do; use it as a classroom. Listen to podcasts, audible books, anything to just continue to have personal growth. Now remember, this doesn't just have to be about your industry, but it could be about sales, marketing, even stress reduction.

See, success begins in the mirror, and you need to do what it takes to keep moving forward. Comfort and complacency, well those are the enemy of growth and success, so keep challenging yourself.

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