Time to Take Your Expert Business to the Next Level? 

Jeff l.


"She has a way of guiding you where you want to go even though you may not even have that road mapped yet!"

Melissa Taylor

What You’ll Get During This  Breakthrough Strategic Work Session

The purpose of the intensely-focused process is to very quickly synthesize and understand the current position of your business, probe further, and make some high level recommendations that can be implemented immediately.

This is a paid consultation call, not a "free" sales pitch, and is treated with the same focus as our 1-on-1 VIP coaching calls.

Once the 3 pieces described below are complete we will provide you with a comprehensive report complete with where we see your strengths and your weaknesses and places for opportunists.  

We provide you with a 30/60/90 day implementation plan you can DIY or connect with the resources we provide you.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

When scheduling your call, there will be a place to provide some specific information to be reviewed prior to our call.  Please be as transparent and specific as you can.

What Happens During the Call

Melissa will ask lots of questions, focusing in on areas of opportunity and targeting immediate-term actions to get the needle moving fast!

What Changes After the Call

You can take the recommendations and run with them.  If you choose to leverage any of our Consulting or League programs your Breakthrough fee will be applied 100% to the program investment!

What Are You Waiting For?  Let’s Find Your Breakthrough!