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Top 5 Time Management Excuses You Need to Stop Using

Download the Priorities and Goals Workbook HERE! We all use them…EXCUSES why we can’t get more done or don’t have time to do what we want.Break the cycle, and use these suggestions to help you stop using these time management excuses today! Pro Tip If everything is important….then NOTHING is important. (Read the Full Transcript […]

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Promote Yourself Without Bragging

Download the “Promote Yourself” Workbook HERE! Don’t BRAG!That’s how we all grew up – our parents, teachers, friends, all told us not to BRAG.  It’s unlady-like, annoying, self-centered and an egotistical way to be. And although true, as business owners (thought leaders and speakers especially) we must become comfortable with communicating our expertise.Our businesses, and our […]

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