Millionaire Mindset

In this video we look at some of the characteristics that studies have found are common to those who have made millions or even billions in their business!

Millionaires don't just get lucky, so we dive into those mindset shifts and the actions that highly successful people have used that you should too!

 Start today thinking (and acting) like a millionaire, and watch your business take off!

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Do you have the mindset of a millionaire? Can you take your business to that next level and beyond? Do you have what it takes? Well, fortunately there have been many studies done that have researched the characteristics of millionaires and billionaires. So today, we're going to chat about the top 10 mindset shifts that you need to make in order to make that multiple six or even a seven-figure income. Let's jump right in.

Hi, I'm Melissa with, and I'd love to say that the quality of your life depends on the quality of your questions and your mindset.

Now the good news is that you have 100% control over your mind. The bad news? You may be asking yourself the wrong questions. 

The first question to ask is what type of lifestyle do you desire? Not how much money do you wanna make. You see, a million-dollar business is a lot of work, and many hours and sacrifices. So would you rather have an enormous income and be a prisoner to your business, or have a generous income with the flexibility to live as you desire? Now really contemplate your answer. There is no right or wrong answer. We are all different, and that's fine, but your answer to that question will determine your actions.  You see, either way, if you want your business to excel, you should start thinking like a millionaire and take on the characteristics that they portray. 

So back to the research. The amazing thing is that all of the different studies and interviews that have been conducted, there are a few characteristics that show up time and time again. So today we are going to look at some of those common characteristics and begin to change our own mindset, our habits, our thoughts, and our actions, to match those that have walked this path before us.

So number one, dream big. The ones that make the biggest impact in the world are the ones not constrained by the traditional way of doing things. They are thought leaders, and they're disruptors to the norm. They're innovators who define their own lane and push the boundaries. They look at the big picture and then find new ways to put pieces into place. In 1994, Jeff Bezos, he released the mission statement for Amazon. Its mission was to use the internet to transform book-buying into a faster, easier, and more enjoyable shopping experience possible. Well, that's a pretty big order. But it pales in comparison to the 2013 mission statement by Amazon. Amazon strives to be the Earth's most customer-centric company, to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online. Now, that is dreaming big.

Number two, have the ability to be decisive and not base your decisions on emotion. You need to avoid analysis paralysis. See, many opportunities are lost due to slow decision-making, slow decision-making processes, or it's just their fear of deciding. Look at the decision from an objective point of view, and then act. Decisions come from a place of information, awareness, and understanding the solution clearly. Waiting for the perfect time or the perfect situation may result in failure. So just make a decision.

Number three, thrive on knowledge. Be a lifelong learner. Invest in coaches, mentors, programs, anything that can help you gain knowledge.

Number four, knowledge without application and action is a waste. You can't be afraid of failure or taking risks. Recognize and acknowledge the wins, even the small ones, and never take the foot off the gas. Keep moving forward. If you need to adjust, you can only do so if you are in motion. No procrastination, no exceptions, and no excuses. As George Bernard Shaw said, a life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

Number five, devise a way to eliminate trading time for money. You didn't start a business simply to create a job for yourself. No, you probably wanted to have time and financial freedom, control of your life, and make a more than comfortable living. But many entrepreneurs find themselves simply doing a job, with themselves also as the boss. One little girl one day in the neighborhood worked all day in the heat when she opened and operated a lemonade stand. Another little girl went swimming, because she rented her table and sold the lemons to the other little girl. Focus on your strengths and leverage others for everything else.

Number six leverage others. There are many people that will have the skills and the knowledge and the resources and the experience and the connections that you don't have. Live in your genius zone. Leverage the rest. You see, we all have something to offer, and we're all better than each other at something. So have the best person do the best job and with some things that might not be you. 

Number seven, focus on opportunities, not obstacles. Persistent drive to overcome challenges, making the business a priority, and seeing any obstacle as an opportunity for growth, is a healthy way to look at things and scale your business. Work through challenges, innovate, and have perseverance. Know and believe that you will be successful.

Number eight, associate and spend time with positive, successful people. You need to surround yourself with like-minded people and spend time investing in yourself and your business to acquire the necessary knowledge to succeed. Admire them and learn from them, rather than resent them and their success. Seek out mentors in other entrepreneurs. They will expose you to new ways of thinking, new ideas, and other business models and resources. This can help you to avoid costly mistakes and obstacles by leveraging the experience of others.

Number nine, manage your money and your time well. Time is your biggest commodity. Be able to say no to activities that don't match your mission, dreams, and goals. Robin Sharma said the hours ordinary people waste, extraordinary people leverage. Another one, there is no work-life balance. It is all life. The balance is within you.

And number 10, be receptive and always open to ideas, mentoring, coaching, other ways, other models, and other strategies that may differ from yours. Be open to evolution and change so that you'll recognize opportunities. "If you do what you've always done, you will get what you've always gotten." Great quote.

Remember, you create and choose your life. You can live by design, or you can live by default. Next, be sure to check out this video on getting your message out there and heard. Go ahead and subscribe, and watch our videos each week to help you stay focused and moving forward. Until next time, take care of you, take care of your business.