Simple Email Structure to Maximize Conversion

5 Things you need in every email

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The basic structure that you want to follow looks like this: Disrupt, Intrigue, Fascinate, Educate, Invite… let's break that down.

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Writing effective emails as every business owners constant battle will they need it

-will they resonate with them

-what's too long

-what's too short

-what should be included

-what or how can I ask for the next step

Hi I'm Melissa with and today we will look at a simple outline you can follow to have more engagement and a higher conversion rate with your email strategies

Did you know that less than 5% of people reading your emails are ready to consider buying . That leaves 95% simply investigating wanting access to information

So give it to them but have it in an order and a progression that leads them to an action some type of action

The structure we're going to share with you today can absolutely be used in emails but it could also be just as affected on sales pages landing pages other copy that you write Facebook ads and even in your conversations with people so let's jump right in.

Another one of our videos we talked about the basic concepts to get people to really pay attention to your emails.  if you haven't checked that one out make sure that you do that.

But today we will be looking at that overall structure to apply those principles too.

Be sure to stick around to the end and I'll share with you some of the action words that we use to Invite engagement and next steps in our call to actions without sounding too salesy or promotional.

The basic structure that you want to follow looks like Disrupt, Intrigue, Fascinate, Educate, Invite… let's break that down

When we talk about disrupt you need to grab their attention something in the subject line or in the first few sentences that really says you need to read this see we live in a distraction filled world so getting someone's attention and maintaining it for even a short amount of time is a huge feat. So disrupt with an attention getting statement. 

It is key at this point to really be in that conversation that is taking place inside the head of your prospect. Show that you understand the problem that they have, the problem that they don't want, that you see their desire for a result what happened differently than what they're experiencing today .

People like easy, people like fast, people like quick wits so sometimes things like 3 steps to this or five steps to that or four ways to person that you see over and over again, so try to be a little more creative something that might shock them put them in awe or really tap or poke at a problem that they have or an outcome they desire

Once you've disrupted and got their attention make sure that you present the problem, the concern, or the issue that they're having and then just kind of poke at it a little bit, not a lot, but just enough so that they really feel that pain and have a desire for something different or a solution.

That brings us to the second piece which is to intrigue them.

To intrigue them is a promise of a solution. You're basically saying you've got this problem or issue, or this concern and we have a way for you to have the solution that you want, the opportunity that you want, the outcome that you want, so keep listening …follow us, read the rest, and see how we can help you out.

Now it's time to fascinate them.  This is where you demonstrate that your solutions can and do work. You might provide social proof or a case study.  This is also where you can overcome objections that they might have to taking those steps or moving forward towards that outcome.  See fascinations are those individual points of benefit, excitement, curiosity, you know fascination things that are going to really intrigue them to want to continue to look at the solutions that you can provide it's not about the boring specs or details those are not fun those are not fascinating it's more about what each of those features can do to help them transform their life or get the results that they want.

This is the section where you're really going to get them thinking about that transformation dreaming about the future of what it would look like to be rid of this pain concern or issue.  You want to paint a picture for them to really start to believe that this can be a benefit for them. 

Now that you've intrigued them, and fascinated them, and they are beginning to see themselves in a different place you need to educate them on how your solution is different and unique from other people in your industry .  Not only do you need to educate them on why and how you know their problem, but also on how and what you will do to solve them.  You might demonstrate some of the steps and how they will happen in a sequential order to get them to where they want to be.  Don’t be too detailed. 

You might want to consider some facts statistics figures success rates that you've had , or even some testimonies depending on what you're writing it who your audience is and how warm they are to the idea are they the 5% or the 95%.

Now it's time to invite them into action.  This is where you have your first next step .  Remember at the beginning we told you that only less than 5% of people are NOW buyers ready to make that decision.  So when your call to action is a free consultation or a coupon of reassessment complimentary quote call them schedule now you're actually only speaking to 5% of the people that are going to be reading your step the other 95% of people that could be annoying or off putting.  This is something you do not want to do.

So instead of saying call me or schedule a time, which basically says let me sell to you consider something that has lower risk for the prospect and a higher conversion rate for you. Offer them more information, offer them a free download, offered them something of value or something that can provide them with a first quick win.

We talk about this a little bit more in our other video about how do you really get people to pay attention to your emails check that out

For sticking around I want to give you some words that you can use in place of schedule call joined register. You can say things like we invite you to be a part of the discussion in our Facebook group or LinkedIn group. We would love to see you at our next event. If there's anything we can do for you, please give us a shout or hit reply and let us know what we can do to help or what resources you need.

If you have a drip campaign that you want to send them or a quiz that you want them to take or leave magnet that you want them to look at, you could say something like we encourage you to take a look at or it might be really helpful for you to take this first quick step.

We invite you to be  a part of the conversations and value over at Rodger and Melissa facebook community.

As always  -  let us know how can we help?

Here’s to you and Here’s to your business!