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What if You Could Grow Your Business by Simply Doing What You Love?

You want to grow your business, but you don't have the time, money, or desire to learn (let alone implement) all the online marketing strategies being taught today.  Instead, why not do what you love and turn your existing expertise into a lead generation and selling machine!

Not sure how to make it happen?

We created Speaker League just for you!


What other marketing or sales strategy allows you to generate a steady flow of new leads, clients, or customers:

  • Without paying for advertising
  • Without competition
  • Without becoming an online marketing expert
  • While doing EXACTLY what you do best...sharing your expertise

"It's the things you don't know about...

It's intense, but it's good!  The content is amazing!  It's the things you don't know about that you're being taught.  So if anybody is thinking about being a speaker, or even if you're not thinking about being a speaker but you could use speaking to grow your business, I definitely urge you to contact Rodger and Melissa!"

Tamara Porter  //  Founder - Platinum Commercial Finance

  1. 1
    The Problem

    You need clients/customers.  Online marketing is a great tool, but it's hard.  If it's your primary strategy you need to get really good at a lot of things before you start to get ANY traction - copywriting, content creation, attracting an audience, Facebook ads, an ad budget, search engine optimization, technology...and the list goes on and on.  There's lots of potential, but there's also LOTS of competition and a very steep and expensive learning curve.
  2. 2
    The Solution

    Why not use the expertise you already have?  You know the transformation you can bring to you just need to learn to leverage the power of the stage (or front of the room, or video conference) to position yourself as an authority with whom people want to connect!  You don't have to become a paid speaker (although you can).  There are so many opportunities to simply speak to captive audiences, with no competition, with the opportunity to address their needed transformation - THAT will grow your business!   
  3. 3
    Your Decision

    Everyone is a little different, but you must decide the best PRIMARY marketing strategy to grow your business.  Based on your expertise and skill set, what will work the best for you?  A primary off-line strategy that utilizes speaking to create a steady flow of new leads and customers makes a lot of sense!

Speaker League Empowers You in 3 Key Ways:

Structure Your Message

If you assume people actually care about what you have to say, you may be in for some frustration. Remember, people don't specifically care what you do or what you're passionate about. They DO care about the outcome or the transformation you can bring to their professional or personal lives, and your message MUST address that. We'll help you structure your message so that it resonates with your ideal customer, resulting in an engaged prospect who's ready to convert!

Deliver Your Message

Becoming a confident speaker takes practice, but knowing the key ways to deliver your message is where we all must start.  Even people that are comfortable with public speaking must be sure to deliver their message in a way that keeps their audience engaged and wanting to know more as they consume the value of your talk.

Monetize Your Message

If one of your goals is to grow your business, you must have ways to move your audience to act. Perhaps you want to sign up more clients, or sell more product, or increase your brand awareness. There are right ways and wrong ways to use the stage to move prospects to act.  We've got you covered!

"It gave me a process, strategies, and a community...

I've been speaking for over 2 years, multiple places, internationally, but I hadn't spent time to really hone my craft - to take my gift to the next level, and that's what Speaker League did for me!

Raushawna Price  //  Leadership and Success Coach

What's Included as Part of Speaker League?

  • How to C-O-D-E your speech for impact
  • Prepare your BIO for speaker one-sheet
  • Advanced Slideshow Strategies
  • Executive Presence and Use of Stage
  • Use of Voice
  • Use of Stories and Flow
  • "Study Halls" and other Accountability
  • Blueprint for Scripting from CODE
  • Crafting your Emcee Introduction
  • Audience Engagement - Personality Types
  • Selling from Stage
  • Media Kit Needs, Stage Types, Collaborations
  • Final Dinner with Speaker League and Presentations

Ready Access to Coaches for Feedback!

How the Program Works...

Live Group Sessions

There will be (4) 2-hour in-person and (4) 2-hour Zoom, interactive Class sessions.  All sessions will be recorded just in case you have to miss one.

Study Halls

Throughout the course, participate in scheduled, dedicated Zoom time with coaches to ask your specific questions or listen to others' Q&A.

Action Plan

This isn't just about learning...we're doing!  You'll have homework and milestone deliverables as we progress through each part of the course.

Private Online Community

Collaborate by posting comments and questions to the current Speaker League group and/or the broader Speaker League Alumni group.

Accountability & Feedback

This program is about your success, so your coaches and peers will hold you accountable along the way. 

Special Interview Session

We'll set up and record a private interview session so that you can use the footage on your website or across your social media.

2020 Speaker League

Reserve Your Spot and Transform Your Results with...

  • (8) 2-Hour Group Class Settings
  • Study Hall Sessions
  • Action Plans with Milestone Content
  • Access to private Speaker League Facebook Group and Coaches
  • Graduation Dinner and Presentation Feedback
  • Filmed Interview for use on Website/Social Media

Plus These Marketing BONUSES are included absolutely FREE!

  • Leveraging Giveaways and Opt-ins
  • Contacting Organizers to Speak
  • Getting Testimonials
  • Filmed Intro for Website/Online Speaker Page
  • Speaker Web Page Strategies

Only 1 payment of $997

"..has clearly allowed me to grow my business faster...

Every session has provided me with numerous nuggets of very usable, practical information to help upgrade my presentations and help me become a more standout speaker. From polishing my executive presence to creating a variety of "catch-your-attention" talk openings to producing more powerful power point presentations to how to get more speaking gigs, they cover it all!  Using speaking as a marketing tool has clearly allowed me to grow my business faster than anything else I've tried!"

Rita Garnto  //  Owner - Simple Self-Care

Enrollment is Limited - Reserve Your Spot Today!

Enrollment Will Close on June 14th

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!


Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.  We want you to feel completely comfortable with your purchase.  Nothing will get you results without action on your part.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of purchase, show us what actions you've completed from the program to-date, allow us to help you through any place you feel stuck, and if you're still not satisfied we will promptly issue you a full refund.

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