Finally, the Speaker Community You've Waited For!

You know the power of speaking.  Now learn to harness and use that power for maximum impact!


Why join a speaker community?

We all understand the power of being a part of a community, especially when that community can accelerate our movement towards our dreams.  Speaker League Community will give the tools and the confidence to get the higher-profile (and higher paid) speaking engagements. Go from “You are a great speaker” to “WOW! We have to have you back” keynote speaker.  But you don’t have to want to be a full-time speaker. Even if you want to primarily use speaking as a lead generation tool for your primary business you need to be delivering the best possible version of you and your content every time you step on stage.  One bad performance can follow you around like a bad audit (or a felony conviction). Every speaker (yes, even seasoned speakers) needs to take every opportunity to speak and gain feedback in order to optimize, embody and amplify his/her message!

Check out the benefits 


Dramatically improve your delivery and performance!

Story Telling

Increase your Story Telling Skills (everyone likes a great story)!

Speaker Type

Clearly understand what type of speaker you are and how to incorporate other variances for maximum impact!

Stage Presence

Up-level your Stage Presence and Stagecraft, as well as vocal delivery!


Optimize the Business side of your Speaking with tools and knowledge to get more exposure and be seen as the thought leader you are!


Gain strategies and techniques for connecting with audience members off the stage!


Best and optimal use of slide decks, props, and audience participation concepts!


Selling from the stage – the ins and outs to persuasively communicate your expertise!


Get more engagement with your audience by evaluating and improving your entertainment factor!


Become a well-rounded speaker of influence by maximizing who you are, your message, and your ability to connect with many audience types!


Community feedback on your marketing materials and assets, BIOs, titles and descriptions as well as opt-ins, give-aways, and freebies!


PR and other marketing strategies for thought leaders!


Meet Your Hosts

What You’ll Get in the Speaker League Community

  • Monthly on-line trainings to share our experience and knowledge and provide guest experts across all aspects of speaking!
  • 'Hands-on’ exercises and practice that will give you the confidence and the needed ‘tweeks’ to uplevel your delivery skills!
  • Video reviews by Rodger and Melissa of your recent speaking engagements or your self-recorded practice sessions!
  • Live, immediate feedback, with real-time adjustments from Rodger and Melissa as well as your Community peers to improve your body language, vocal inflections, use of props or slidedecks, movements, stage usage, and more!
  • Professional videography providing you footage for your speaker reels!
  • Access to a Complete and Growing on-demand video library to propel your success as a speaker! 


This is a 12-month program - you can start at any time!

How Often

We will meet virtually every month for trainings and improvement techniques, plus one office hour with Melissa per month for group Q&A!


A 2-hour hands-on performance and on-the-spot coaching “hot-seat” session every other month in Charlotte!

What are the details?

The Speaker League Community is a PROGRAM that includes learning, development, practice, and feedback!

Ready to truly harness the Power of Speaking?

Being a part of the Speaker League Community could be the absolute best thing you do for your business!

Enrollment is currently closed.  If you want to be the first to know when enrollment opens, get on the Wait List below!