Stop Your Money Limitations and Start Growing your Business

Finally want to stop your money limitations and start growing your business? It is all about perception and mindset...

In this video we take a look at why you may have reached a plateau in your business or why you just can't seem to get over that hump to the next level of success.

Find out what to change in order to address the issue and help get your success curve on the rise again!

Pro Tip

If you want your business to go farther, faster - invest in getting what you need to get you where you want to go.

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What's stopping you from the next level? Let's lay it out there we are business mentors and consultants. Rodger and I primarily work with thought leaders, experts across many industries in the Art and Science of speaking, content creation for group programs and Workshops, how to sell from the stage, and the pieces and parts that go with these educational marketing strategies to produce more income, impact and influence for our clients.

To be clear -  today I am not just talking about hiring a mentor, coach or consultant.  It’s about any money you need to spend …social media manager, virtual assistant, new equipment, joining a networking group or chamber or association.

Hi I’m Melissa with and today we are going to talk about getting you past your own money limitations to get you the resources and help you need to really scale your business up to the next level

Lets jump right in’

One of the things we hear most often from business owners not only about hiring a mentor but many other growth strategies that require money or outsourcing, is “I just can't afford that” and “it’s too expensive” or “my friends and family are helping me” or “but I’m working on this other thing right now” 

Some of these may be valid  - but lets look at it objectively and see if we can break down the barriers for you.

Let's start with too expensive.  I just can’t afford that.  Let me ask you a question - what is too expensive?  Do you know how much a Mentor costs, or a social media manager, or a virtual assistant - or are you just assuming?

Lets look at it from your perspective as a business owner or professional - I'm going to guess that your business model is based off either selling a service or product - good guess since what else is there?

Now - you hope and expect other people to buy, use and get value from what you sell, right? Are you expensive?  Maybe – depends on your perspective.  Nevertheless – you are wanting people to spend money on YOU and your products because you know it can help them.  So to YOU it seems reasonable and not expensive – no matter what you charge because you know it will help them.  To your prospective clients, depending on their perspective and beliefs around money, it could feel expensive. It is all about the perception of the value being provided.

If I told you this 1986 Toyota Camry was $10,000 that's expensive. If I told you I have a brand new Ferrari that you can buy for $10,000 that's not expensive. You see it's all about your perspective and the perceived value you will be receiving.

If what you offer is a $1000 and it will fix a $10,000 issue your client has…good investment. 

If you want to make $100,000 and a $10,000 investment can get you there – good investment. 

If by unloading 10 hours of work each week costs you $250 but you make $150-200 per hour – those 10 hours can produce $1500 – 2000.  So you just paid YOURSELF $1500-2000 to do a $250 job,

So why are people not willing, or stingy, about paying for your products or Services they clearly can see will benefit them or their business?  Why are you not willing to pay for products or services YOU know would help you?  See the paradox?

It's a mindset shift, a shift in your perspective, or your clients perspective, about money - many times in order to get where you want to be you have to invest your time and your money.  Now, that doesn't mean that you spend money on every shiny object that comes along promising success. No, you need to First Define what your goals are, and know the things you need to be successful.  Keeping in mind that YOU can only take you so far – then you will need help, resources and support. 

Once you have clearly defined your goals and what you will need - invest in giving yourself all the right knowledge and equipment to get you there – possibly including resources, equipment, virtual assistant, a mentor or consultant. Remember, you are investing in the results.

Case in point:  let's say one client to you is worth $1,000 – and a program, mentor or equipment that can give you Vital Information, experience, expertise, high-quality Etc costs $1,000. It would only take one new client to recoup your investment. So if you can clearly see how the investment will bring you more clients, leads and sales quicker, and possibly even at a higher profit, then the decision to invest in yourself and your business is a no-brainer! You will receive something much greater than you put in.

Let me ask you this question - if you can see how spending the money, finding a way to make that happen, could help you increase your success, get you to where you want to be, provide valuable information - procedures - vital to your growth all in a shorter time than trying to figure it out yourself, keeping yourself on task with no shiny objects and keeping you accountable - and the investment will be recouped in one or two transactions - how can you NOT afford it?

So – “too expensive” is all in your perspective.

2. You have several people that give you advice - why do you need to pay for it?

Friends, family, and co-workers are great! They encourage, give advice, even show you some systems and ways to grow. But paid professionals are on a whole 'nother plane.

People that are not as close to you can and will be more objective - they will push you - often farther than you thought you could go.  By hiring specialists for different things you will gain their knowledge and expertise on the subject – not just opinion and good intentions.  Their business is based on helping YOU, so they will be determined to see you succeed. 

See, the conversations are different when you have paid for the advice, direction or resources.

3. The third barrier of “I'm spending so much right now on rebranding and a new website, social media marketing, time writing my book, trying to get speaking gigs”   Those are all valid and great if they are the primary way you will get to the next level – if it is your primary monetization or marketing strategy - invest money in it.

Do the math - will it produce a return or is it something that you just want or would like to do?  Or were told to do by an online guru or social pressures. If it WILL produce the highest return, spend your time and money wholeheartedly.

That means –

If you are Rebranding … hire a brandologist and copy writer

If doing social media marketing … hire a respected and proven social media agency

If you are writing a book … hire a publicist, a PR firm, and an editor

If you want to be a speaker … hire a speaking and content creation consultant or Mentor and get an agent.

In todays world you CAN do anything yourself - especially with YouTube and all the information on the internet - but why?

There are so many things in life we DON’T even TRY to do ourselves - for example we all take our car to the shop, we call a plumber, we buy our fruits and vegetables instead of growing our own, we don’t all hunt for our own meat, we have others do our taxes, we send our kids to school and college, we take the vacuum, sewing machines whatever, to the shop, we have a tailor for alterations. And you know what?  We gladly pay all these people for their expertise and their experience. Why do we spend money on those things but not on our own business?

You can take that a step further … is our business less important than Netflix, cable, unlimited Wi-Fi, Pandora, SiriusXM, that new car, that new sweater, those five meals out each month.

If someone says they can't afford to spend 300 or $700 on their business and then we see them on Facebook with those new $150 pair of Nikes or they went to dinner and a movie with friends that easily cost $100 or they simply have Creature Comforts that add up monthly! They are sacrificing growth in their business, the priorities are clear and their actions are creating barriers for business growth.

So don't fool yourself, put it in perspective - look at where you are spending your money - that is what your priority is. if it's not being spent on tools to grow your business - then that's okay. Some people have a business as a hobby - and that's okay. But if you want your business to go farther, faster - invest in getting what you need to get you where you want to go.

The right equipment, the right training, the right resources, and the right mentor are NOT too expensive, you CAN afford it, you can make it happen.  And when you do – your perspective will shift – you will see how it was the best decision for your business.

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